Sunday, September 28, 2008

Burn After Reading

Another weekend lazying around, enjoyed it though. We decided to catch a movie. So we went for "burn after reading" instead of "Igor". According to, igor had a "some ol'b*llsh*t" rating. As for Burn After Reading,:D it cracked me up during the very last end! :) it's been long i have never had that kind of laugh. Not even Stephen Chow's recent movies. I enjoyed it alot. It's a total twist at the end plots are weird and random. But it's a very interesting movie.

My fingers are "itchy" after 2 weeks without snapping and feeling the shutter. Brought my camera out just for the sake of shooting something :D After the movie, we went to sit around the life band they had there. The band is good :) people dancing around and enjoying thier Sundays. You won't be able to see this in Malaysia or Singapore. people just dance around with it :D and you'll feel happy just to see them dancing around.

Good weekend! coming up next weekend, will be going out shooting again! fooo

Thursday, September 25, 2008

UV Mapping!

practice on my gestures again. Today can't seems to draw right. can't seems to able to capture the essence correctly. Maybe today is a little too stressed out. But still i enjoyed it. just drew few pages and stop for the 30 seconds pose. Proceed with selecting a pose and study it. enjoyed it so far. Was listening to music when i start, but then it get's a bit frustrating, i remember reading from the book "Animator's Survival Kit" it says, never listen to anything while you're animating, you got to concentrate! therefore i switch off the music. And try again, well yeah it works, it kinda calms me alot and able to concentrate more on the curves and direction. but cant get too far. It squeezes my brain too much. Read that gestures are good for training our Right Brain, which most artist are weak at. oh well. more training tomorrow then.

Work has been "challenging" lately, because i have to work on the same thing for a period of time. Have been creating environment props ... rocks and boulders all the while. Finished some sets recently and the art directed wanted me to polish up the textures for the previous models that i've done. There's quite a number of them. So it's a good practice for me. Trying my best to make it looks great! They have great library of textures that the artist have came up with. and also a very cool texture system that enable to randomize the textures instead of repeating the same one. So i've been UV unwrapping and mapping, applying textures, applying shaders/ materials. It gets really repetitive, i still have alot to go. those that i've crazily created. Now im suffering :D. But im doing my best, will make it perfect, digging out all the textures they have, because i got bored with those "default" ones. but I'm doing great! Still having lots of fun. :D I know someday this UV mapping skill will come in handy ;D I like being trained hard. I'll be patient. start slow building a stronger base before i move up. 


每天从工作回到家,就烦要吃什么,要烦煮什么东西吃,今晚的随便无所谓,可是明天的午餐可是烦恼。煮来煮去都是那几样:D。忙完厨房的东西后,就回到房间。打开电脑,画些东西,不然就和正在工作这的朋友们打下牙"教"唔系点写。 anyway, 今天蛮享受的,在听哥哥send给我的BB King. 好stim哦。


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gesture Drawings

finally my art blog has back to what it should be..  art.. instead of photography :D well its still  a form of art though. will be laying at home for 2 weeks before going out for photo shooting again. Made use of the posemaniacs for some brain practice, it's been long i've stoped gesture drawing ever since i left school. Miss the life figure drawing at school with mr. calvin and Jimmy Kang. They both rocks! Thanks posemaniacs, whoever that came out with this :)  salute you!  love the random pose they have. Really random with wierd perspective! really gets my brain turning, after drawing all this..  i got to stop for while before my brain recovers! :D  

hmm, was doing all this with chacoal on newsprint, but i didnt know a "2D" 3d model on my laptop and with wacom and photoshop, can have such nice feeling, it feels real, and reminds me alot of school days :D Loving it! i think gotta practice more. posemaniacs is more strict to it's 30seconds, while real life model are more forgiving :D  you'll have more time for shading etc, but posemaniacs.. u miss that's it.. and skip. It's really a good practising web application. credit! credit! to posemaniacs. 

Monday, September 15, 2008

where's the abalone ?

First day of the weekend trip wasn't as good as we expect. Alot of place was under private property, or its just to far to travel. Even with a car. And there are signs like, beware of rattle snakes.. but it didnt stop us :) but the beware of tick signs stopped us.."wear light or white color shirts enable you to see them and wipe them off" Sounds scary. so we didnt not want to risk it. Did some research and found this, some information that is good to know.

Beware of Ticks & Lyme Disease

Went down to San Diego, nothing much interest us, walked around for about 2 hours around the Broadway area and visited the San Diego Convention Center, and the bay behind it. Nothing much either. Head back to the car, and wanted to visit a lake we though near by. about 160miles away, that's like 300km,It's like driving from Singapore to Kuantan. Decided to go there in other weekends. So i recall seeing some ruined church in San Juan, wihch is on our way home. So we headed there, hoping that we'll able to take some nice sunset photos. But it was closed an hour before we reached there. Wonder around there till dinner. Had a good chat with friends, and head home. It's a no luck day.

2nd day, heading to another beach that we thought that is the normal beach. ok, see what this beach is like. But we were so wrong:) not expecting for such a nice trip. Drove up hill, along the cliff where you're at the heights of the clouds, and sea view + cold wind. That is awesome! couldn't resist to stop even says no stopping at all times, but it looks safe. Get down and grab few shots. And continue to head down to the beach. There's where the sign "beware of rattle snakes" are. Along the path, i've spotted small phyton snakes, well not to disturb them and they wont come disturb you. The beach is those we wanted all awhile, less people and nice scenery ! :) its less sandy, but with lots and lots of pebbles and rocks, we found our spot and set our tripod and waited for the sunset. It was the most exciting trip ever, where you'll feel like, you wanted to stay longer for more shots! we stayed till dark, very dark, there's no lamp pose at all. decided to leave when the waves starting to splash on us. I set my camera behind this big rock because i thought that the camera will be safe from the strong waves, but i was wrong, the wave hit the huge rock, goes up like 2 storey high, wham down and splash* im wet. The sun sets slow. anyway we leave before the water raise higher + its a full moon that day. talking about full moon, when we climb up to the top, we saw the moon, full. and lighted the whole area. that was pretty. Will definetely be going there again.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


顺境好啊? 很好啊。东西都来得太顺了。终是觉得自己不够积极,不够努力,不够锻炼。有些人告诉我说,好好享受一些这段日子。我也如此感受,因为顺来了,后面的可能就是逆了。不过我也不是白白的就到了这个阶段啊。也不知熬过了多少困难,多少的努力,多少的积极才能够达到这个阶段。可是都是一直学习,一直向前看,可能就是因为这样,痛苦也变成一种学习阶段的鼓励和享受了吧? 对,学习过程很享受,痛苦很享受,当时痛苦,现在回想一下,嗯!好好玩!:) 很享受。

现在才刚开始,小折磨过了。 中的开始了。。 需要常提醒自己,顺境是很好,可是别忘记目标,别忘记努力,别放松,继续努力!身边朋友们,有很多都在努力,甚至能够以逆境来形容他们的环境。 他们没有放弃,他们依然还是火热热的,very the 猛的在努力。你们是我的标杆!我会为你们加把努力!希望你们也一样!痛苦只是暂时,光荣是永远。很熟悉吧? suffer is temporary, glory is forever! so lets do it together! 高兴有你们这一班朋友。虽然都在不同的环境下拼,可是目标,方向都一样。 我们就让大家看看吧。不是白做的,不是没出息的!我们可以的!ganbate!

好了,我傻够了。。 做工了。 不过,我是认真的。 大家! 加油哦!

Sunday, September 7, 2008



WARNING (contain disturbing contents, be warned! be warned!) click here to view

你们看了,不懂是不是有同感? 或是觉的没什么的?以前我小时后怕鬼,见不到的又听问好恐怖的,实在怕得不得了。可是长大后。觉得,看得到的,摸得到的,其实比看不到的那些还要恐怖。

注:这只是小弟本人读完那封email的看法和感受, 并没有针对什么人或事件。谢谢观看。

how do i look recently ?

Eng EE have been asking me how i look, friends as well.did you put on weight? or did you lost weight? well judge by looking at the photps :D i got darker. with a nice Oakley shade "masked" on my face :D hair shorter. Need another haircut soon, it's messy right now.. need to find a better place to cut my hair. And the previous post is not how i look recently :P

Thanks DIAS for taking such cool pictures of me. so there you go..the recent me.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

handsome me!

alot people are doing this recently. after saw what they look like. I couldnt resist to try it as well! :D

here are my changes from all the way back .. since 1950's

awesome :)

p/s : sorry, i dont even border to crop them nicely. :p had too much laugh already! go get yourself "ancestor-ed"! at

Friday, September 5, 2008

foundation 9 entertainments

见闷闷底、试用电话来blog blog. been working on the same thing for
months. started to loose momentum already.therefore I started
something with inhouse85. we always start somethig and then just stop
before we finished It. this time we are going to make it to the end !
no turning back :D .

my office's surfing boards ..
a big company that has employed more than 160over employers. people
are very cool here :)

phone blogging
- munhow -

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

California update

yo folks!I'm doing great here. Have been driving around California a lot during the long weekend here last week. There's a monday Labour Day off, so get to go have more time to travel around. Went to Beaches and some big cities. Drivers here are very polite, ok there are also some 'ah bengs' but overall they are very corteous and polite. Worse experience is driving in Singapore! Anyway. Been here for more than 1 month already. Getting used to the weather and life style here. Working here is really awesome! Loving the working culture here. Learned alot during the 1st month, hope i'll get to work on more stuffs in the following months.

Crystal Cove

Capistrano Beach

Went to L.A the next day, drove past Wilshire, apparently the most 'historic' place because there's lots of old buildings along the road. Stop by Universal studio, and then went down to Hollywood. went for a quick lunch and head up west to Santa Monica Beach through Beverly Hills. But its already very dark, so we dont get to see much things. But that's a good weekend. Still planning some night scenery shots at L.A. Hopefully will get to see more interesting stuffs around California.

Little tokyo: (went there the 2nd time, maybe its a public holiday, the street is rather quiet)

Universal Studio: (things are not as expensive as i thought, nice place to shop for souviniers)

fly boy.. fly! (sign says, fly again for $20)


John Woo

Santa Monica Beach. (it's too dark and there's nothing to see at the beach that dark, so we turned back and check out the shops near by, there are people dancing, singing etc.)