Sunday, November 15, 2009 is up!

finally.. it's up. i'll most probably be blogging there. so check out that site! :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Coming soon..

been working on a new website recently,

compiling my work, and making this a "blog" like site, probably will do my art updates there.. will see :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

彤 搬了

she had her new blog set up at

pay her a visit :) and drop her messages.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

zbrushing update

a short update of my sculpting, finished with the shoe now, will try to put in more details throughout the whole body before i call it an end.

great project and very rewarding, have been learning every time i spend time on it.

shoe by you.

here's the body in a whole
wip 0902 by you.

Friday, August 21, 2009

s q u a r e

it's a format i heart! enjoy..
compilation of the medium format that i've taken during my stay in California, and still adding.

Friday, June 12, 2009



but well i still want to thanks everyone that wished me and all the nice words ! thanks! 25 y'old. 25. oh my.. :) but man! i do have a really good time and really striving for what i want in my career. worked so hard yet played .. even harder! :D i'm pretty sure that this kind of things only happen once in a life time. this chapter is going to be interesting in my life. experienced the unexperienced. and fullfilled the un-fullfilled... just felt that im dang lucky! yeah. although people always said 一天,二命,三风水. yet, you have to work hard to get what you wanted. and ofcourse.. luck still plays a big role here ..

Birthday was a peacefull one this year :) thanks to buddies that bang into my room and feed me with coke! and had a nice and loud 飲勝! appreciate it guys! and of course a surprise bday cake that has a "25" number shaped candle on it! and when im like 101%full from dinner. haha .. priceless! thanks doodes!. eat well, sleep well, dreamt well.. what a nice way to pass a birthday. love it.

Part 1

Part 2

and a birthday card from dear yinghol and elaine

also few days back before my birthday, went out with buddy kokheng and did some cool stuffs that i believe lots of people that plays guitar would love to have something like this :)

MTV ! :)

open field + strong wind + sun shades + electric guitar + 360 video pan ! oh man :) another priceless outing!

we always said that should bring my guitar out for shooting, but just dont feel like it. firstly because it's huge and takes off lots of space of my car.. i own a small car. And, well it's my baybeeh. but well must give it some sunny love i guess! :D well . we did it!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


是在向前走吗?还是在向后?是在追求着吗?还是在放弃?要学的怎么去平衡吧。要追求某样,也就是说要放弃某样。 日子过的就了,头脑开始发育了。活了二十多年是白白活的吗?我在追求的是对的吗?我所在努力的,后来会变成空吗?如果追求的将来等于空。 那我又该转向那方面呢?只有那么一条路吗?想想到底自己的长处还有什么。我能够吗?放弃梦想,继续走一条比较安全,实在的前途。 我的平衡力能够长久吗?开始觉得、或者是说明白为什么别人会说,"passion is your fuel, and skill is only your mobility" 有梦想才是你的推动力,一个人有多少的能力是重要的。听起来又好像需要积极一点,不断向前。 其实,推动了和能力是相依为命,谁都不能够没有谁,没有能力,更多的推动力只会变成压力,最后只有白做。如果实力十足,没有推动力,是多么的可惜。 所以这两方面都需要一定的平衡。拼个命去追求一个自己没有能力得到的,最后别说得到,可能失去的比自己想得到的还要多。 可是如果不去尝试,那里会知道自己的能不能得到?

其实,这是没有的辩的。都是需要一定的平衡的吧。 说到一大堆,我其实想表达的是。。

这条路很难走。。 可是学会怎么平衡。一点就不难了。不付出,就不能得到。所以。。 我也不懂,就看看吧。
还好我有一个是肯定不会错的。即使要我用这条老命来换,我也心甘情愿。因为这条路不是空的。。 应该学习平衡平衡。都找到最好的了,为什么还需要追求一些空的呢?够了就好了,给再多就=压力。


:) oh, some shots from my weekend trip. enjoy.

have a nice weekend y'all!