Wednesday, October 8, 2008


people told me that this is a sincity and i have no idea why, and how sinful it is :) well, untill im there, yes i do agree with you all :D Spend weekend driving >360km to Las Vegas. Mainly is to help Ming Wei to drive the car back to OC after he buy his car from there, partially is to get out of the house and have some fresh air and some photography. My crave of shutter sound and street shot is getting worse. So  .. m. u. s. t.    go out and shot something. 

The driving was fun, because finally i can take a relax sit at the back and enjoy the scenery while ming wei drove :D well not untill when we came back. because it's driving time again =(  Anyway, it's fun driving in the states, alot of funny things that you'll never get to experience in Malaysia or Singapore, like sand storm?! :) imagine, something like fog, but when it hits your car its like thousands and millions of rain drops hitting your car, but instead of rain, it's sand..  

pretty interesting :) look at the sands on the road! fooo :D. and the driving along freeway I-91, we realized that the shape of rocks are starting to change, and ears starts to get "stucked" and Keng Yeow said the mountains reminds him of ice-cream. and it looks cold out side. a sign written 4000ft. some how reminds me of cemeron highlands or genting. 

Reached this place where ming wei got his car and we continue our journey to Las Vegas, It's just another 40miles away. or less, i couldn't remember. It's very crowded place over Las Vegas Blvd. we parked some where nearby, and walked around the whole blvd. And man, i thought it's like genting, only a big casino :p, but it's everywhere. anywhere, and you wont miss any. aku maciam budak kampung kat saner, well aku memang budak kampung what.. raised and brought up in a kampung with kebun sayur, dan ayam itik. anyway, it's pretty cool, people there are like having party all day long, holding glasses of wine/beer or any alcoholic drinks and walk around the streets. and alot of "amigos" handing out cards for "call girls" and "special service". and ad's are everywhere, you'll see big ads of those on car moving around in the city. 

Anyway, we're quite amazing, none of us are kaki judi, we're practically immune to the city :P walked pass so many casinos and didnt even spent a penny on any slot machines or other card games. briefly walked through most of the big malls like caesars palace, new york new york, flamingo, hmm dont remember the rest. spent our night there taking photos and the famous musical fountain. decided to stay for another musical fountain show, because the previous shot wasn't good enough and didnt get the nice spot. Untill we got it, started to rain, and wind is very very strong and cold! it almost blew us away.and i didnt have my jacket. and the show was canceled due to the strong wind. so we left. and head home. drove another 4 hours + but the going home journey is like never ending of driving. Had 2 stops, and it's freezing out there. But few of us idiots stayed out there and wait for me to try to photograph stars. the sky is clear and you see lots and lots of stars on the sky, which i can't afford to miss this opportunity with my peleng 8mm around and a tripod! stayed few minutes out there to take few tries of 30 and 60seconds shot. Was my first attempt, i'd say i'll rate my shot 4/10. it's too cold to try more shots. so we decided to leave. 

Another stop to top up gas, the low fuel light lighted up just when i stop my car at the station. open the door, once i stepped out the car, i felt like someone just ran me over with ice! and there are "smoked" out from my breath. foo it's even colder than the stop we had before! rushed in to the cashier and rushed back out to the car. It's amazing :) love it. Had a good chat with keng yeow, time passed really fast, when we reached home is around 330am. had a good warm shower and then . puff* knocked off. till 3pm the next day :D Another great weekend.  Looking for coming weekend to santa barbara. The beaches there are like abalone cove. ! :) hopefully it's as nice as what we are expecting. 

Caesars Palace

Las Vegas Bellagio Musical Fountain

Paris, Las Vegas

classic pepsi-cola :D wonder why they split now. because i remember when im young, grandma used to say, pepsi-cola. and there's even a childhood game called pepsi-cola.

my favourite cover spot in "Rainbow 6 Vegas" :) but i dont see any scene that the game took place in. gotta play again to check if i've been there !

New York, New York

It's a great trip, but photography wise, it's rather a little disappointing to me. Didn't have much shot that i like. My 135mm f2.8 had send back for service, might have better shots with it, too bad. 

*blogger's posting is annoying! im fed up with editing the spacing and arrangement of the photos, and the html editor is messy , window is too small, and every photo i post went up to the top. I hope they'll do something with it. sigh.