Monday, June 23, 2008

good to be back

It's been a while im away from home. Finally get to come back and laid back :) without thinking/worrying of work the next day or the following projects~ Finally, ended one year with this superb company that gave me too much i cant thank them enough. But its time to move on. will be looking forward for the new adventurous and interesting job.
Woke up early this morning, never been this early before. Been loooong i'm not waken up be the rooster next door. Ah, love my home, chickens running everywhere, birds singing, coconut trees, fruit trees, green grass... :)

took out my camera and start shooting, looking at things that i always came across when i was young. It's really been years, and things have changed soo much. but the feeling i had for my home, remains the same. "home sweet home". Maybe those that are always around or stay in their home couldn't feel anything about being away from home. It's not fun :p its sweet that can always around in the place where we were brought up. Climbing trees, throwing rocks and stray dogs, blasting toads with fire crackers :p ... all those "playground" that i used to play around. sweet.. Hope im able to stay longer so that i can try my best to capture down the essence of my childhood with my camera.. well it wont be the same anymore.. but at least.. i could capture something out of it. ah time to go around town for photography already.

small lily grown in a fish pond

place where i can never reach when i was small, but trying so hard to reach..

Saturday, June 21, 2008




喜歡保持感情的高峰狀態。 。

not bad, :)  steven spielberg

A sketch in the dark

It's been some time i have not hold up my pencil on my sketch book already. Since i've put down lots of burdern (work :p) i think its time to pick up my pencil and draw again. Quite impressed that, its all still in my head. the love of drawing. It's completely dark in the cab, what made me to do this is the old man in front, driving so passionately, so concentrate on his road. His hands are swaying left and right, so unsteadily holding the steering, sticking his head as close to the windshield, probably in the 70-80. Was so pity over those that still have to work so hard in that age, and its already night.  But im very impressed that he is very very sure that the way he's going, you'll feel comfort and save from how confident he is. Telling you that which direction he is going go to reach the destination. 

I'm surrounded by chances anopportunity which sometimes made me felt that i am not appreciating it enough! I will work harder for the chances that have been given to me. Will not take things for granted. 

Things have changed alot. Soon it'll be a turning point in my life, really looking forward for it. But at the same time there are things that im afraid of loosing too. I look confidence at times, but sometimes its hard too. Hope i'll come over with it. Sometimes things doesn't go like we've planned. Even though my plan have been interfere, It still has to go on as long as the final destination is where i wanted to be. I'm grateful to have all my friends and family around as support. Love you all. 

Just bought his album yesterday. This is the first time I've seen this kind of talents. I respect those who has talent but not just looks. But this guy.. he has both, good characteristic and voice + talented. Im speechless :) so no harm spending money on talents.

Maybe its after we have started to work, especially we're in the creative industry. We started to cherish/appreciate each work/masterpiece. And that's what we do for leaving, so why not spend a little for the good of all ? :) anyway the cd quality rocks. Good recording! sounds awesome with my DT150!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


mom came over to singapore few weeks ago for her chinese painting exhibition. Take few seconds and just looking at her, i felt that "mom, you've grown so much" I LOVE YOU, MOM. you're the greatest being on earth! 愛妳!