Saturday, March 28, 2009

a return to Abalone Cove

I'm back again, like i'd promissed myself.. and finished off what i have not able to achieve the previous visit. And this time with a little surprise. Season change, and i like that ! :) Flowers! 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grand Canyon Trip

Went for a trip to Grand Canyon for one of the long weekend. It's a 1100+ miles(1770km) round trip! This time it's traveling towards the East, No longer up north or down to the south. We've drove across 2 states. Nevada and Arizona. Grand Canyon isnt much if you're not gonna hike down. But it's a very hard hike. Due to the overall height of about 6k feet, oxygen were very thin. you'll be inhalling like no body business. 3 big gulps of breath and you'll probably get one gulp of oxygen.. and it's very cold there. It's from -3 to 0 degree celsius overall, but that's not what makes us cold. It's the strong wind that kills you! :D but well it's fun. Spent 2 days at Grand Canyon. Then off we go, drove another route home, pass by route 66. Was anticipating sometime similiar with the featured animation "Cars". But seen nothing similiar other than some of the shops there, tiny wodden shops. Route 66 is a long route. probably we're not in the correct portion of it :) But we enjoyed it. Then head up to Hoover Dam, another few hours drive. It was so crowded, we were thinking if it's because of Transformers the movie that made that place famous, or it's because it was famous and Transformers had on of their scene captured there. The dam is the border line of Arizona and Nevada. And there is a 1 hour difference between this 2 states. So we're like crossing a time zone. back and forth. Stopped nearby for sunset. then drove home! It was a 8+ hour drive when we're going to Grand Canyon. And the journey home took us 16 hours ! wow.. and it sets a record on my driving book.

the route we took for the whole trip
hoover dam
grand canyon
an abandoned building on route 66


and some fun with the shot :D 

more photos here

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Angels Gate Park, San Pedro

brought my Om-1n out for a spin during one of the weekend, had my scanner already and tried some scans. A very peaceful and pretty place to hang out.