Monday, November 24, 2008

a manga version of us :D

just having fun doing something fun..while im having fun working of some fun stuffs.

munhow and...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

stand by me

a really touching song..  and very nicely done :) 

Playing For Change: Song Around the World "Stand By Me" 


From the award-winning documentary, "Playing For Change: Peace Through Music", comes the first of many "songs around the world" being released independently. Featured is a cover of the Ben E. King classic by musicians around the world adding their part to the song as it travelled the globe. This and other songs such as "One Love" will be released as digital downloads soon; followed by the film soundtrack and DVD early next year.

Sign up at for updates and exclusive content available only to those who...

Join the Movement to help build schools, connect students, and inspire communities in need through music"

some other clips from them too. enjoy. 

Curry day

went H Mart again, it's a really nice place to shop. Korean supermarket, new and big place + few people compared to 99 ranch. Sometimes, when i wanted to cook something, nothing can stop me lol. I will do whatever it takes to achieve what i wanted too. And it's very random, *pop* .. suddenly felt so tempted..有个很想吃咖喱的欲望。 went ahead and hunt for the stuffs i want. saw a packet of Japanese Curry, choose the hottest one. there's a mild, normal, and HOT. well go for the HOT of course :D but turn out ok,.. 3 out of 5 :p but overall its nice. Good enough to let me "stim" for while :D

turned out. not bad .. at least it fulfill my desire of wanting to eat curry! :p Jailbreaked my iphone again, winterboard seems stable already. so i decided to jailbreak it and it's definitely a good choice. I'm so far behind the iphone thingy now, there's so much cool 3rd party apps out there. :D found a decent video recording apps. and did some recording + editing just for the fun of it. now i have a "handy" cam :) great. quality isnt bad at all. well, not decent enough to put it side by side with a HD camcorder :p

took out the audio. so it does not have sound here.

brother said reminds him of our "MTV" haha!

pure idiotness! LOL. pardon us. was done in somewhere october 2006 where both of us are working our ars out. Still managed to pull out some time to waste..

Monday, November 17, 2008

Balboa Island

After friday night's craze, we slept till late afternoon and keep to our plan to head up to L.A for some crazy sales shopping. When we're almost going out, the sunlight hits in my room and it's so yellow as like a sun set light, but it's only 2pm! Although the sun sets around 5pm and pitch dark around 530pm. But it's only 2pm! how can that be? went out and take a good look at the sky, there's a thick dark clouds and that's what cause the wierd sun light, yet the other part of the sky is clear blue. So it gives a nice ligthing to my car :p  so i went ahead and took a few shots.

So, we continue our jorney to L.A. And was as suspected, it's no dark clouds. Listen to the radio and found out that was smoke from the wild fire that are burning up there. It's really scarry, i did not took any photos because i both my hands was on the steering wheels :p As we're approaching towards north, it get's hazzier, worse than KL's worse hit haze. Sun is blocked by the thick smoke, and it's so yellow. and you can see ashes white and black flying towards the car, And smell of burning. Imagine you're in sillent hill. it's worse than that :p And heard from radio that lots of freeways are closing down because of the poor visiblity and the burning, people are stuck in the exit of freeways and they just abandoned thier car and save themselves. That's how serious it is. We decided to turn back and not to continue even we try to avoid the few affected freeways. Better safe than sorry and while we're not stuck in any exits yet. Wanted to stop somewhere to take few shots but the air is just so bad. So we head to the beach and wanted to go for the Frozen Banana that we always crave of! :)  out of the dark and into the bright, with clear sky and fresh air! 

houses in Balboa Island is over millions :) and with a private jeti and thier big boats!
a nice treee. 

the sky of the burning
enjoying our frozen banana. (thanks DS for the photo) 

since our parents and love ones are complaining how come there's always just scenery and no people in the photo? :) so we decided to take more photos of each other and exchange! lol. 

crazy day

It's company's anniversary celebration last friday. We get a day off and a free ticket to Knott's Berry Farm, and then we head on to Disneyland after the crazy day in Knott. Had a HARDWORKING day until 12am! Bought my annual pass for Disneyland, we'll be there more often for photoshooting and rides! so i decided not to take too much photos cos it's really tiring after the whole day rides in Knott's Berry Farm, those are crazy rides. Never had so much fun in a day before. So decided to just focus on the rides and have fun! yeap. And it's just all about having fun :D will keep my writing short. and post some photos here i found interesting. For full coverage of photos,and if you're interested can drop by at my flickr site and check them out. And i found that blogger's image posting is a pain in the *ss. The rearrangement of photos just kill me. and the window for the compose is so small. :(  anyway. i had lots of FUN!  and that concludes my weekend. 

shah went crazy over the train! tooot!

this is the best ride so far! almost 90 degrees down and splash! :) 

this is the one they are starring at :) 

getting ready up to a roughly 30 stories high verticle drop ride! it's crazy

silver bullet ride! the first ride we took when we reach there. It's also one crazy ride where i cant keep my eyes open :) we took the front row! weeee 

me and Lawrence. thanks to DS for this shot

And few shots from Disneyland. The house of the terror! best ride of the day :D It's an Elevator that went crazy after it got haunted. i can see my camera bag floating and my self off the seat. weehee! I lost my voice the next day because of the extreme shouting and screaming from the rides. what a fun day.

Inside the tower for terror
Abe and his pirate makeup
our second ride !
this is how it looks from outside 

Monday, November 10, 2008

put put cherr

the beach that i went to recently, was another boring weekend, so decided to just head out and take a walk and some photos. a 20 min bus ride, + 20 mins walking under the strong sun light and strong cold wind. A very nice weather to walk on.  Took some pictures, stayed there for 20-30 mins then left. Wanted to go another place initially, but end up here. so no frozen banana this time. Have to head down balboa island no matter what ! for the frozen banana :)

After the weekend, something cool happened :). i got my first car ! wooho. well its cheap ol' car. but it's cool :D 我的黑色小跑车。 以前我有个外号,别人说我的车每次都是白色。想到我就想到。。”call白车“ call bak che, call bak che 。点知,来到金山,白车就变咗黑车。 两千多就能够买到一辆ok ok 的车。还不错吗。丢了几百块下去修理修理。not bad, not bad :) 

also, i did some stuffs that i always wanted to do during my childhood years, :D toy shop! woohooo. The toys here are extremely cheap and good quality too. oh man. i love toys.. went in to the shop and reminds me of the good old times :)  where the first place i go to the supermarket with parents, the first stop me and my brother would stop by is the TOY section! weee :) check out all those cool stuffs, transformers, cool cars bikes, woohoo. but this time, it's more for characters and design. good buy, and had lots of fun with it. gonna built a 3d version of it when i have the time :D. big boy now, dont do what kids do, do special sound effects when playing with it. Now i do real special 3d and sound effects together! muahahah :p