Saturday, August 23, 2008

nice weekend for a sketch

did not want to go back to my "old" lifestyle, but i think im too settled down. :D woke up 2pm today. wanted to go out for a photoshooting, but end up did not because there's no bus to come back. bust service stops at 6pm. that's so un cool. :( anyway. decided to work on some stuffs for my own. this blog is started supposingly for a "art blog" but i think i turned it into a photography .. than arts & design . :D anyway. Did a sketch today. I'm building up the momentum, im sure it'll last long this time , there are lots of cool people in my company i can always walk up to for c&c. i wont waste this one. must drawin their brains hehe. instead of mine being drained most of the time.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

found this email circulated in our company... =)

After a two year visit to the United States,
Michelangelo's David is returning to Italy . . .

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


在此地已经有两个星期了。 小时候就有个很大的“大志” .. 说要到美国,日本,出国做工。赚钱养家。买屋子给爸爸妈咪。买车。。 家穷吗。。 可是妈妈很疼我们。虽然穷,可是一点都不刻薄我们。穿好的。吃好的。每天弄蛋糕给我们吃。还有她的“拿手” KAYA。 棒! 虽然打到我们不像样。 哈哈。 可是都是用心良苦啊。。 到了美国咯。也没什么的。 只是环境不同, 这里工作态度很棒!cool 从来没有试在这种情况下工作。 家人都很支持我。彤也一样。 所以我会努力,不辜负他们的支持。还有朋友们的祝福。 非常感动。 挂着和朋友一起出来limteh的那种生活。三根半夜去bandroom打band,真的是岂有此理! 哈哈。。

什么时候还有这种机会呢?这里很好。 不寂寞。只是想家, 大家放心, 小弟好得不得了。