Sunday, April 19, 2009


前天的暴冷,今天又暴热 ! 自从来到加州的我。从没感受过无缘无故的,这样站着都会流汗的那种感觉!今天,我流汗了! 我!终于流汗了! 除了运动或者是吃了什么超级辣的东西之外,都没有流过汗了!哇,对我着个“过动儿”(penny帮我取的外号)来说,不简直就是一级棒吗?因为都这么厉害流汗,汗孔应该是吃了兴奋剂。拼命的流汗,好似唔晒 $ o甘。可能就是‘人’吗,人最厉害就是犯贱吗。。 今天既然,无缘无故的流了少许的汗!哇,兴奋到啊。 或许是因为想家吧。。哦,然后冲了个冷水凉。wohoo! 不知该怎么表达我的兴奋! :) 天气冷, 都没有机会能够洗个清冷的澡。哈。爽!

mm, 傻够了。 就当我没讲过什么。:)

来个小update ..

Few weeks back, a group of us went to Yosemite (yo-sayhh-meh-tee) . Somewhere northeast about 5-6 hours from our place. Kinda big group this time round, as we had never traveled in this big before *12 of us. 6 joined because they wanted to camp there, and the rest of us will not join the camping. It's dang cold out there. When we were there, reached around 5+ and was still able to catch the sunrise, and the tempreture was about -11ºc. That was what the iphone said. but well it's not -3 or -6 not as cold as we were during our stay in Grand Canyon. but anyway, few of us were under dressed. Experienced the chill that can dry your skin in few mins and then it started to get itchy. But the scenery was WOW, so WOW that we have forgotten that it's so cold over there :) Mountains everywhere, and at leasat one waterfall for each of the mountains! breath taking view. Believe that it's gonna be prettier during summer. But some of our mates went there during winter and that was pretty awesome too! a lot of the ugly branches and stuffs was covered by thick white snow, it'll give a treat or some when it comes to photo taking.

anyway, a picture speaks louder than words. share some shots here. cheers!

more photos here !